What good is coming out of all this? Here are 21 potential layers of silver lining.

1. Air quality having some time to recover.

2. Evolving education – specifically arts education and learning to integrate technology, focusing on important foundational elements of dance, related studies and conditioning that we often skip over for the sake of wanting to maximize studio time. (contributed by Jenn). For me, this relates to the close-up Zoom perspectives of my ballet pointe students and the opportunity to give them individual care and technical guidance during one-on-one check ins. Thinking of ways to build innovative, similar practices when we are back in the studio.

3. No school shootings. (contributed by Janet)

4. Stronger international and inter-religious empathies. We see you, Italy, Iran, China and Spain.

5. Family bonding. And a more visceral empathy for those living in households with abuse.

6. Greater appreciation for live performance and shared cultural experiences. Audiences will be packed after this. It will feel so good to be off-screens, sharing these spaces and experiences together again.

7. More time for love. (contributed by Vlatko)

8. More bidets.

9. Deeper understanding of the importance of mind-body connection and self-regulating practices into each of our days.

10. Better awareness of essential (medical, janitorial, transportation infrastructure and services, grocery, education, arts/culture, communication technology and service), our interdependencies, and our vulnerabilities. Better awareness of the 30 articles of human rights.

11. Lots of people fostering animals hopefully leading towards lots of adoptions. Like me and Booie. (contributed by Margot)

12. More non-partisan honesty and collaborations (over competition) in what we need from political leadership, freedoms, and social welfare. “We need a Marshall Plan of visionary intervention.” Rami Nashashibi, Executive Director of Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN)

13. A clear and urgent call for innovative and drastic strategies to addressing racial and socioeconomic equities in our many systems.

14. Kitchen creativity on the rise. (contributed by Carole)

15. For those who have much, an increase in frugality and reuse. An increased mindfulness and appreciation for the objects we come into contact with. (contributed by Carole)

16. Transforming the American public’s view of the value of experts and expertise in sciences, medicine, emergency preparedness, and economics. (theory by Tom Nichols)

17. Greater awareness and support for local, small businesses and the diversity of those businesses being critical to a healthy neighborhood ecology.

18. Saved lives.

19. Getting real. Seeing our bosses, teachers, students, clients, celebrities, influencers, faith leaders, and peers… as humans, with complicated home lives.

20. Revival of mutual aid concepts and practices. Alongside that, the comeback of neighborhood safety and joy inclusive of walks, double dutch, bike rides, and musical jams on porches and stoops.

21. Better hand washing.

Have more ideas? Add them in the comments.