The official average nowadays for a job search in the United States is 6 months. Some far shorter, some far longer. A friend in the IT field found a new position in a week. I am on Month 5.


I have found a number of exciting opportunities, even developing dance programs for children with life-threatening illness, but most want me to work in a volunteer capacity.

My friends, family and followers have been by my side on this journey. Deeply grateful for that, but I know we are all getting exhausted. Health insurance seems to keep running further and further ahead like a dream I can’t catch…. as are paying off student loans and other debts.

Wondering if any of you have been in the position or are there with me now?

Well, there is good news. The exhaustion on my end was replaced with vigor this week by participating in two activities:

  1. Joining a gym less than a block away with yoga classes, a whirlpool, and free cable TV on the cardio machines. My husband and I negotiated a great deal with them and we can cancel if needed. Being physically active each day has changed my outlook and enthusiasm. A job search can become an unhealthy cycle of activities. Get a body moving, and the world opens up.
  2. Attending a $10 resume writing workshop with YNPN Chicago (Young Nonprofit Professionals Network). I realized two things during this workshop: I can no longer present myself as simply a non-profit professional and I am not young. Much of the information in this workshop was not new, but it was an amazing catalyst. I realized that it might be time to go for a less-readable and dense 2-page resume that has more meat and expresses my successes. In rewriting my resume until 2am and working with a few quality Fiverr proofreaders, I could step back and say Wow.

The job search has a new momentum. Thank God and the universe for that.

Today I am presenting myself boldly and joyfully. On my feet. Mantra is “I am who you have been waiting for.”

I Am Who You Have Been Waiting For

If you can help in any way, I am looking for either a full-time position, or two part-time / contractual positions in Cultural Diplomacy | Art & Culture Management especially Community Engagement or City-wide/Regional/National Scope | International Education or Exchange | Workshop Facilitation. Looking to find something in Chicago or remote/virtual work. Not particularly looking to be an executive director or development officer, more leaning toward programming with intercultural, international or cross-sectoral content. Check out or forward the new resume. Bio and other links are available here.