Get to Know the Custodian

I am following my longest post of all time with my shortest post ever. This one is a simple request:

Get to know the custodian…

of your child’s school, of your office, of your university, of the library or community center, of the gym,,…

Look around you. Say hello.

You might see my dad. He does this work.

He also greets the kids in the morning and helps them out of their cars. He will quietly go over and open up a Lunchable® packet when he sees an embarrassed kid struggling. He will play games, repaint the gym and remove scuff marks, fix what needs to me fixed, deliver the mail, set up for an event, coordinate schedules, sign timesheets, engineer a better bathroom stall door, dress up as an elf, and clean up vomit. He will give a couple kids a few dollars if their pockets are empty on the day of the holiday gift shop or book fair. He wants to make sure the school is a place where kids want to be, a school they feel they want to help keep clean, a school that is as well-maintained as possible but still alive and active. He amazes me and I’m proud to be his daughter.

Get to Know the Custodian



  1. Nancy Clare

    This man rocks my day…..don’t know how we could get by without him. Such a great person!

  2. Sherrie

    Your dad is a kid at heart. Has been and will always be! Love that man, my “neighbor-dad” when I was a kid and my son adores him when he goes up to Michigan.

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