Rough, Rough World. This hour is rocking us. Before we can help this situation, we need to do one thing. Time to get outraged, or mad, or fearful, or deeply sad. Cry like a baby. Any emotion will work as long as we each choose the healthiest option for ourselves and feel that feeling to its fullest.



Photo by Flickr user, ArtisteInconnu


#Brexit that proved isolationist bigotry can have a great impact.

#Baghdad where dancemaker Adel Euro was tragically killed.

#AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile whose murders made it evidently clear that we need to ask so much better of our treasured police force. Due process. De-escalation. Serve. Protect. Bring honor to the uniform.

#Dallas where a sniper is murdering police officers in cold blood. We need to ask so much better of our outraged friends. Due process. Golden Rule.

#Cancer that is the ever-beast of so many of our lives.


Time to do something. But where to start?




Gather and make art.

Play and swing.

Sit alone and write. Don’t worry about full sentences; those can be mighty difficult in days like these.


Donna (Miss D) taught so many of us so many lessons, but one that I try to live by (in her honor) is, “Feel your feelings fully, then move on.” This is important, my friends. Use our artforms to feel our feelings. Help our neighbors, families and fellow citizens do the same.

Only then can we move on to acts of activism, service or healing. Only then can we seek out knowledge, like these Free Downloads of arts therapy resources and the hundreds of other readings to inspire and share. Only after ‘being’ can we ‘do.’ If you want to see a spectacular example of people feeling #SayTheirNames outrage through tap dance, click here.