Orientation 1: Welcome to Cairo All day, I was attending the official Fulbright In-Country Orientation.┬áThe Fulbright program between Egypt and the United States was launched in 1949; it is the largest and oldest program in the Arab World. Marc J, Sievers, Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy Cairo told us that this year here has… Read More

Today is Friday. A day when I would describe it feels like the world is on fire. It is a sadly familiar fire. Last night, I went to Cairo Jazz Club with an Egyptian friend, his new flatmate and a charismatic French mother. We all boogied to 90s Night. Beck, Dave Mathews Band covers. Discussed… Read More

Yesterday was September 11th. I blogged about a seemingly everyday sort of experience. And people responded. But the day turned an incredible corner. As the evening settled in, there was a buzz in my new neighborhood, Garden City, which is the home of many embassies. A weirdness. Around 7pm, I was home watching CNN when… Read More