And here we go. Yella beena. I am 5 foot 1″. Approximately 113 pounds. I’m an American. I shaved my head in March for pediatric cancer research, so my hair is short. This haircut gets many stares and comments. As does the fact that I’m obviously a foreign lady. So when I occasionally decide to… Read More

Cairo has no sidewalks. No useful, obstacle-free sidewalks. Some have short palm trees with sharp leaves that you must dodge. Some have cracks and craters with no safety cones or warnings. Most lead to nowhere and require you to perform an entire Step Aerobics routine. Nowadays, post-revolution, sidewalks on the bridges are packed with plastic… Read More

Yesterday, I had the honor of seeing a memorial exhibition for the artist, Ahmed Basiony. I was accompanied by one of Ahmed’s close friends and could see the pain in his eyes at every piece, every article of clothing on display, his videos, his white rubber boots. As Shady El Noshokaty describes, Basiony is considered one… Read More

“on the rocks” : served neat, on ice “on the rocks” : in difficulties, with high potential to fail   The Fulbright staff have tasked me to reflect on what I know and feel about Egypt before I go. I know that Cairo (al-Qahira) is 6,150 miles and 7 time zones from Chicago. 83.6 million… Read More