Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got. Making your way in the world today. Takes everything you’ve got. [I cried for days before the flight here. Packing. Moving. See-you-laters rather than Goodbyes. A one-way ticket to Cairo and the unknown. No dependents. Just me.] Taking a break from all your worries,… Read More

“on the rocks” : served neat, on ice “on the rocks” : in difficulties, with high potential to fail   The Fulbright staff have tasked me to reflect on what I know and feel about Egypt before I go. I know that Cairo (al-Qahira) is 6,150 miles and 7 time zones from Chicago. 83.6 million… Read More

If you’ve had the privilege to date me, you know I’m weird, lovely but weird. Not a hand holder. I’m the survivor of sexual assault. I don’t use the word rape because I feel guilty. Not an innocent victim. Went reluctantly but not-forcibly to the hotel room of a Navy man years ago. Was inebriated… Read More

As published in The Saginaw News: 31 July 2012 SAGINAW, MI— Stores are already beginning to roll out their back-to-school advertising and students, but Shawn Lent’s back-to-school shopping list this year includes a suitcase instead of a backpack. The Thomas Township native, who works with an arts integration program implementing arts programs in public middle… Read More