This is the season. I know it in my heart. But it is difficult to feel it without the snow, carols, lights, and family. That magical time that sweeps you in good tidings from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. Ahhhh. I crave it. For the second consecutive Christmas season, I am without my family, in… Read More

Today is May Day. International Workers’ Day. I have been thinking a lot about workers’ rights lately after more than 400 people died in a building collapse in a textile factory in Bangladesh. Organized workers and strikers were also a major spark of the Arab Spring. Plus, I’m from Chicago, a union city, a place… Read More

My father is a hilarious and generous guy. Custodian at the school, basketball coach for the girls’ team. My mom is always giving of herself. Has been working at an eyewear business for as long as I have known her. Neither of them ever taking a single sip of alcohol or puff from a cigarette.… Read More

When I wrote about the demonstrations in Cairo back in September…Thanksgiving seemed so far away. So did the violence. These were mostly strangers to me. And I was a stranger among them. At that time, I walked into a bit of tear gas, but I also walked into great conversations and important steps toward cultural… Read More

Cairo has no sidewalks. No useful, obstacle-free sidewalks. Some have short palm trees with sharp leaves that you must dodge. Some have cracks and craters with no safety cones or warnings. Most lead to nowhere and require you to perform an entire Step Aerobics routine. Nowadays, post-revolution, sidewalks on the bridges are packed with plastic… Read More

In Cairo, everything is available via home delivery. From pillows, to a couple cans of beer, to McDonald’s. Yes, Mickey D’s comes right to your door by way of a young guy on a bright red motorcycle. I have been to this city briefly twice before, and have been here for three weeks so far… Read More

So, I have access to see what Google search terms bring people to my blog. Most disturbingly, these terms include “sex web syrian girls” and “syrian girls in cairo” as well as “strangers in cairo for sex and friendship” and oddly, “my wife touches my…” Now that makes me sick. Literally. Gutturally. Sick. Men preying… Read More

Yesterday, Cairo woke up to clearer air and birds chirping. A calm, enforced. P.S. My suggestion for Egypt for the next flare up… more female police officers on the beat. While chaos erupted this week, I believe Morsi made one public speech, maybe two. But he never returned from his trip in order to stand… Read More

Yesterday was September 11th. I blogged about a seemingly everyday sort of experience. And people responded. But the day turned an incredible corner. As the evening settled in, there was a buzz in my new neighborhood, Garden City, which is the home of many embassies. A weirdness. Around 7pm, I was home watching CNN when… Read More

Page 43 of Cairo: The Practical Guide by The American University in Cairo Press “Women’s Lib[eration] has not had quite the same impact in Egypt as it has in some Western countries. This produces some charmingly chivalrous behavior towards women on the part of men–opening doors, carrying packages, etc.–but can also cause the poor things… Read More