We dated for a year and a half. Then we got hitched. I always thought I would be with someone 5-15 years before saying the formal “yes.” But this marriage thing just seemed right. But honestly, previously, I did doubt the construct. How good or how difficult would wedlock be? Was it worth it? Well,… Read More

“8 Cops, 1 Homeless Man, 46 Bullets” “Two Years Later, No Charges” These are two headlines about an incident in my hometown, Saginaw, Michigan. But we will get to that town later. I have never seen a human being die in front of me. I have been around death and dying, have attended funerals for… Read More

Every so often, it is amazing to stay inside. Like today. Today in Egypt, there are expected to be Islamist demonstrations, which the military will most definitely crush. So most people are staying in to stay out of the mess. At our house, that means eating from an overloaded refrigerator of Thanksgiving leftovers, checking the news,… Read More

I recently found out that I am not in the interracial marriage I thought I was in. My fantastic husband is Arab, Middle-Eastern, from the continent of Africa. But according to the common racial classifications, he is White. We check the same box. Physical anthropologists and cultural anthropologists may disagree. Is race mostly a social… Read More

As happens in our field of dance and dance education, we find ourselves teaching in unexpected contexts. My roommate is a professional ballet dancer, recently moved to Cairo, and has been asked to lead a program for 3-5 year olds. She wanted a little advice. So here goes. After 25 years experience teaching this age… Read More

Social practice is making it big. Ever since I posted Am I a Dancer Who Gave Up? and the follow-up post, I have not been able to keep up with the response. This sector is not new. But we seem to be just now becoming aware of each other, across arts disciplines, definitions, contexts of… Read More

If I were a police officer on duty, in any country, I know I would often be scared for my life. I would be worried that my handgun would not be enough, that my head and chest are often exposed. I would try and make myself seem as secure as possible. I would worry for… Read More

Last summer, I took the U.S. Foreign Service Exam. A very difficult test due to its breadth. I studied for months. And I passed all sections with good scores. Except for the last section, the essay, which is not even looked at unless you pass all other sections. The essay prompt was regarding blame and… Read More

The world just lost a contingent of its top AIDS/HIV researchers. In seconds. A passenger plane brought down by a missile and deadly intent by a “pro-NAME THE CAUSE” group. The world also lost Gazan children this week. Hundreds of our Nigerian children remain lost, as we have not brought home our girls. Egyptians disappear into a deadly… Read More

People’s daughters. They come to my ballet class under layers of tutus and tiaras. The parents of these little girls expect me to play the Frozen™ soundtrack, or at least reference the Barbie™ in The Pink Shoes video. Most of these parents are not too happy when they are asked to remove the Minnie Mouse ears… Read More