Students around the world are facing academic exam season. While they search out strategies to deal with the anxieties of those tests, my mother and so many others are facing the anxieties of major medical tests. The parallels between the two situations are strong, yet for supporters of test-takers, one has the optimism is… Read More

Writing publicly is a scary thing. This is especially true of first-person narrative. Putting yourself out there. Myself, I dived into the blogging deep end. My first real post was about being shoved face down into a pillow. Sexual assault. And this was before I had told my family or friends directly about what had… Read More

So you think your kids can dance? Yes! Every child should be dancing. And there are so many options. This is just one of them…   I worked (with quoted contributions from several friends) to create this quick guide for you. Actually, this is for myself if I decided to ever teach in a competition studio… Read More

I was in college during the genocides in Rwanda and Bosnia. As a theatre major/dance minor at a liberal arts school who was admittedly immersed in herself, in Millikin-world,  in a strong education and new ways of thinking, I barely remember the news. Class assignments and rehearsals and flirting and friendships all took priority of my… Read More

In the past few weeks, several artists have reached out to me looking for advice on the Fulbright application process. It can be daunting. As I am a huge advocate for the program, I thought maybe sharing my tips more broadly may support more people who are on the edge of applying. These come from… Read More

My parents did everything they could to make it financially possible for me to dance growing up in an increasingly expensive sector. They made sacrifices and worked multiple jobs. I am an only child. When I was 15, I had the opportunity to attend a summer training opportunity in the Edge studio in LA. I… Read More

I am following my longest post of all time with my shortest post ever. This one is a simple request: Get to know the custodian… of your child’s school, of your office, of your university, of the library or community center, of the gym,,… Look around you. Say hello. You might see my dad. He… Read More

Before you read this blog post, stand up and turn around yourself once. See what you can see, experience any change, and then come back around in a new or similar state. Perform a single revolution. You can even do it seated if you are in a swivel chair. I am serious and will wait… Read More

In the next two weeks, I will be speaking publicly, and I wanted to invite you all to those events, but I also offer you a few of my current resources for this work. First, you are cordially invited to Hope College and SUNY Purchase. Both events are free and open to the public.  … Read More

I imagine the world turning, one big celebratory spin today. With each increment in the rotation, an hourly slice of humanity launches fireworks off the face of the earth. Reaching out to the sky. Wide eyed. Reaching for someone to kiss, something to drink. Some other people decide to reach inward, towards their own center,… Read More