Weissman Dance Costumes

Ever since returning to the States last year after a few years abroad, I have found myself surprised, more than once, by the direction of dance education in America. The level of virtuosity in dance has exploded in wonderful ways and I am struggling to keep up as a teacher. Several dance costuming companies have pulled… Read More


  In Egypt during most of their demonstrations 2011-2014, musicians, photographers, filmmakers, dancers, actors, performance artists, creative writers, and visual artists were out in force. I witnessed these artists leading, comforting and inspiring those gathered. Farmers became impromptu artists, creating installations. Visual artists collaborated on an instrumental  wall of street art. A pop-up museum was created by citizens… Read More


I was struggling to breathe. Wherein I had been worried for months that Trump would find a sneaky way to win, I had been reassured it was impossible. I had spent the day in a pantsuit applauding Hillary Rodham Clinton’s great assets and potential. And here I was on my couch witnessing a presidential ticket which… Read More

Photos by Flickr users, Kymberly Janisch and Kent G Becker

Last week while at the National Dance Education Organization Conference, I realized we attendees were just a sliver of dance education and were not talking about the field and its actual scope. Many tracks were not present. In addition, we never addressed the issue that students cross and combine tracks; I talked to some of… Read More


Since writing Am I a Dancer Who Gave Up? three years ago, I have been floored and humbled by the flow of messages I continue to receive from around the world, from age 12 to 62. The most common responders are current or recently graduated undergrads; their most common inquiry is How do I start a career… Read More

Test Prep, When Health Is On the Line

  Students around the world are facing academic exam season. While they search out strategies to deal with the anxieties of those tests, my mother and so many others are facing the anxieties of major medical tests. The parallels between the two situations are strong, yet for supporters of test-takers, one has the optimism is… Read More

April Showers Remind Me of My Bill Cosby

Writing publicly is a scary thing. This is especially true of first-person narrative. Putting yourself out there. Myself, I dived into the blogging deep end. My first real post was about being shoved face down into a pillow. Sexual assault. And this was before I had told my family or friends directly about what had… Read More


So you think your kids can dance? Yes! Every child should be dancing. And there are so many options. This is just one of them…   I worked (with quoted contributions from several friends) to create this quick guide for you. Actually, this is for myself if I decided to ever teach in a competition studio… Read More

What We Can Do to Help Syria

I was in college during the genocides in Rwanda and Bosnia. As a theatre major/dance minor at a liberal arts school who was admittedly immersed in herself, in Millikin-world,  in a strong education and new ways of thinking, I barely remember the news. Class assignments and rehearsals and flirting and friendships all took priority of my… Read More